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These works were inspired by all those who have not only perished in the line of duty for the sake of others, but those who have and continue to work for the betterment of society. Their service to the youth of this world whom they strive to enrich with knowledge and understanding, and to the communities they help protect and serve will never be forgotten. Their spirits live in all of us, their will to work to promote good is compelling. At once, they are the most underpaid yet most important authors of the present and future that we have. We call them public servants, but they are so much more.

"Who Am I", OSA's tribute to firefighters, and "Two Small Words", OSA's tribute to police officers, were written, copywritten and produced in January 2001 – well before the tragic events of 9-11 which stole the lives of so many, and tragically altered the lives of so many more. It was during these devastating times that the two groups were given their due in the public eye as heroes, yet they deserved this reverence and respect long before, and will forever. May those who have gone before rest in peace, and may their souls live on in us all.

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