Band "Strike Up The Band"

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With a blasting of drums and a blaring of horns, the game begins. While the athletes of sport fervently hit the weights, review their plays, and run scrimmages, we, the catalysts of sound vigorously prepare for action by practicing scales, drilling arpeggios, and rehearsing formations. We offer our gift, our work, our talent freely, with no expectation of earning fame or even recognition but rather because we know the power of music is undeniable and inescapable, a timeless power that has been utilized for centuries to inspire teams and intimidate the opposition; an unstoppable power that smites exhaustion and energizes the spirit; a nurturing power that sings, “We’re with you! Don’t quit! Drive on!” We play our best so that those competing on the field or the court might realize their full potential. And while our passion also may lie in the mighty storm of a Beethoven symphony, the swinging freedom of a jazz solo, or the electric pulse of a rock concert, the pride and fellowship of the band marching on the field or playing in the stands is as definite as that of any team in its greatest moment of success. So, as the pipers and drummers once accompanied highland warriors onto sanguine battle fields, let us raise our beloved instruments and pierce the charged air with triumphant waves to rile the legion of fans and drive our team to one more yard, one more goal, one more victory. Strike Up The Band!

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