Fathers Of Athletes "For My Father"

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Quote appearing on print:

My heart is filled with pride to call myself your child, as I have been blessed by the grace of God to love you, respect you, and honor you the way a Father like you deserves. I live life at peace with myself knowing that I will never look at myself in the mirror and regret one single thing about our relationship together. My remembrances of you: “From the inner core of my soul, I will forever hear and listen to your voice of wisdom calming me before my games, ‘Relax out there today, and let the game come to you.’ Understand, Father, that I have known for many years there could not possibly be a value placed on your wisdom you have shared with me, in life as well as with my athletics. Understand also that I have struggled for years with finding the proper words that might offer justice next to your name, my Father, or the one person who has unconditionally believed in me throughout. I will not go on another day without you knowing just how thankful I truly am for the person you are, have been, and always will be: My Father, the one who has helped me achieve all I have achieved on my journey through life. You have been and always will be a most influential figure that molded me into the person I know I want to be in life. Long ago, you shaped a small child into a young adult, and then over the years watched that young adult become someone I only pray you are proud of. Always know in your heart that I am one person who knows true fortune in life: Fortune that I was born unto you. So I would like to take this time to thank you Father for all life’s lessons you have passed onto me throughout the years. Thank you for teaching me the importance of a dream, and how without those dreams, full potentials are difficult to reach. Thank you for your sideline inspirations, as your presence at my games had an indescribable way of easing my anxieties that will forever dwell inside a grateful heart. But most importantly, I cherish this opportunity in thanking you for making every game that you could.” Give me the ball! This game is For My Father.

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