Mothers Of Athletes "For My Mother"

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Quote appearing on print:

Though I have not told you enough, I am telling you now. Through my eyes, this is the story of my love and appreciation thanking you for all you do and have done for me. Your sacrifices to make me a better person and athlete have never gone unrecognized. My remembrances of you: “I looked out the front window and saw you, alone, shopping bag cradled in your arms. In one hour, I will race out of the house to go to my game, and you will watch my departure as you always do, out the same front window. But not before you had warmed a plate for me, as I never left the house hungry. Yet I always left the house hungry. Hungry for the chance to compete another day. Hungry to be better than my opponent. Hungry to win this game. It is because you watch me out that window, because you pray for me as I walk down the street, because your sideline seats are never empty, and because I know there is no real strength in this world save for that which is instilled or inspired by you. Were you not here, I would not be complete. It is in these moments when I see you, Mother: When there is a home in this world I know, where the image of your beautiful smile in that window is once again etched inside a memory that will never forget. When I look in your eyes, I see that you understand the spirit inside me that needs to compete. So late at night, when I lie awake in bed, realizing your unconditional love for me as I hear your footsteps walking away from my bedroom door, I know I am not the sole host to a fighting heart. We fight together to survive, you and I, mother and child. You are the cornerstone holding this family together.” Give me the ball! This game is For My Mother.

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