Prepare For The Game "The Locker Room"

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The mind of an athlete is a powerful weapon. My weapon begins working each time I step into the locker room. A special room, my room, where my pregame rituals always remain the same. It is in this room where I first take seat on the bench, when I mentally begin preparing myself for the game. I begin with a thought process which tells me there are two kinds of athletes in this world: Athletes who set goals and meet them. And athletes who set goals but never act on them. Myself, I am an athlete, born and raised. I act on the goals I set for myself! As I begin to undress the layer of life which matters no more, I remind myself how lucky I really am. How lucky I am to have my health. How lucky I am to have been given these abilities to play this game that I love so much. But most of all, how lucky I am to dress myself with pride in this uniform once again. As I lace up my shoes and look around the room, I pray that my teammates have similar thoughts. I pray that they understand the significance of this room. That this is our meeting place. The place where we have shared so many good times, but also helped one another get through the bad. The place where we have come together again to prepare ourselves for another fight of our lives. I have now fine-tuned my weapon, and I am ready to make my goals become reality. I am ready to go out there and play this game as if it were the last game I were ever able to play. I reflect upon one final thought: How thankful I am for the opportunity to once again enter and leave The Locker Room.

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