The Athlete Inside The Mirror

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$ 119.95


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"You might be asking yourself, “What could this mirror I am looking into possibly have to do with athletics?” You should be asking yourself this question, because you should never stop asking yourself questions that deal with your work ethic as an athlete. You have never thought about it, but you and this mirror share the closest and most intimate relationship between you and anything else in your life. You will not admit to anyone else that you did not work as hard as you could have today, but the real truth lies deep inside of you, and even deeper inside the mirror. The one great thing about you being the athlete and the mirror being the mirror is that the mirror will never lie to you and you will never be able to fool the mirror. The truth surfaces each time you look back into your own eyes with each passing glance and reflecting stare. You, the athlete: Contemplating whether you can accept or not accept all you did this very day to be the best athlete you can be. Understand, you are the only one who has to look at yourself through this mirror – not only today, but every day. You are the only one who has to look inside before you sleep at night wondering whether your conscience can reconcile with each passing beat of your heart the thought that you may not have given the game all you should have today. And because today is now over, you are the only one who knows what you must do tomorrow. These concepts reveal the greatest truths that you will ever know about yourself, as you see what you want to see through your own eyes. You see the real you in your purest form. What is left, then, are two questions, and only your soul holds the key: Are you honest with your virtues, your weaknesses, and most of all yourself? And can you live, without any regrets, each and every time you look at The Athlete Inside The Mirror?"

*This one of a kind product comes custom framed only and contains an actual mirror. Outer Frame dimensions are 18.5" x 22.5".

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